Tech 2000 began developing for mobile with the iPhone and we’ve always stayed close to the iOS platform.  

In Feburary 2013, Tech 2000 was awarded the Cisco Sakigake Innovation Award - for the fourth year in a row- designed to recognize exemplary Cisco Learning Partners that demonstrate innovation in developing new programs to enhance the student experience; accelerate growth; recognizing best-in-class business practices and serve as a model to the industry in the area of an overall commitment to the highest-quality training and enablement.

One of our company’s first iPhone apps, M-Learning Test and Study, was awarded the Silver Brandon Hall Technology Excellence award in 2011.  

We’ve launched over 80 iPhone apps for ourselves and clients, in a variety of industries including education apps, lifestyle apps, and healthcare apps.

We’re very proud of both the design and functionality of our many iPhone apps.  

Take a look at some of our more notable ones below:
  • The SELL Closer
  • M-Testing
  • Long Deep Breathing
  • MelApp

Tech 2000 wins 2015 Cisco Indirect Learning Partner of the Year Award

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